Hello World (as they say in Blogsphere)

Teetering at the top of my ‘TO DO’ list now for several years was to figure out how to build a website that could in theory become a place of exchange and encounter for those early years educators and friends interested in developing a pedagogy that embraces the idea of the child as a citizen of now, and not just of the future, a child rich in potential and connected to others in their learning.

The idea for a website remained on the list because I was too frightened and challenged by the thought of doing something that I knew nothing about. I realised that this was something I always try to encourage educators to do, to step outside their comfort zones and to embrace uncertainty.   So finally, I have listened to my own words and embraced the unknown and with some valuable help from friends here it is!

I have tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and have included material that I have written and material and links to others who I find interesting.  Please do let me know what you think and indeed if you have material to share.

It is not a complete and finished website but more of one that I hope will grow and evolve.

Now, where is that list so I can cross this one off!

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