EYE Conference, Birmingham – How Children Learn…

“So despite everything, it is permissible to think that creativity or rather learning and the wonder of learning…can serve as the strong point of our work.  It is thus our continuing hope that creativity will become a normal travelling companion in our children’s growth and development.”

Loris Malaguzzi.  The Wonder of Learning, Reggio Children (2011)

At this conference (organised by eye) presentations and workshops have focused on the importance of creativity throughout the early years.  Attached here for delegates is the partial powerpoint used in my keynote on Friday 21st September.  For further information on the projects presented, details of how to visit Reggio Emilia and information on the Pre-Schools and Infant Toddler centres of Reggio Emilia, then please refer to:

Sightlines Initiative – the UK reference point for Reggio Children (study tours, professional development and consultancy)

Reggio Children – established in 1994 with the aim to manage the educational and cultural exchange initiatives between the municipal early childhood institutions of Reggio Emilia and a large number of educators and researchers from around the world.

Madeley Nursery School, Telford – involved in the national Sightlines Initiative project “The Language of Photography”

Powerpoint DebikeytehartlandEYE

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