I have included here a selection of things that I have written and links where further information can be found.  Your comments and thoughts are most welcome.  Also look under the section titled “Reggio Approach” for additional resources specifically related to the Reggio experience.

Here you can find something I wrote about Pedagogical Documentation and Actions of Listening.  

Here and also Here you can find a paper I co-wrote/presented at EECERA 2010 about Developing a Shared Language of Learning and a Pedagogy of Relationships: a Centre-Based Approach to Professional Development.

Here you can find an article I wrote for Community Playthings on Getting the Best out of your Easel

Here you can an article written by Chris Merrick on how I have developed my Reflective Practice and Documentation.

Here you can find a Creative Partnership case study about a Photography Project exploring the concept of Beauty at Madeley Nursery School, Telford.

Here you can find an article I wrote for The ReFocus Journal regarding a Birmingham based Creative Arts Project entitled “How to catch a moonbeam and pin it down” at Adderley Children’s Centre, Birmingham.

Here you can find an article written by Chris Holmes and Chris Merrick about a presentation on the Forms and Functions of Pedagogical Documentation I co-presented in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

To read Drawing Research Project 1, click link below

Are the painting and drawing strategies of young children attuned and fitting with the pedagogical practices and beliefs of early years educators? A qualitative study of two early years settings that explores the environments, contexts and attitudes of educators working with three to four year olds and their developing visual languages. 

To read Research Project 2, click link below

Drawing as Communication A qualitative study of 3-4 year olds communicative drawing behaviours and the contexts that support them.

Here you can find a paper I wrote/presented at EECERA 2013 that won the 2013 Routledge Prize from best practitioner award titled Developing Children’s Critical Thinking Through Question and Dialogue:  From The Recall of Knowledge to the Co-Construction of Knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Papers, Resources, Reading

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog, and this page. I’m an artist working in an Early Years Reggio-inspired setting, and am always looking out for interesting reading to extend my own knowledge and practice. Thank you for sharing 😊


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