Children, Empathy, Ideas and Ecology

Loris Malaguzzi, recalling Barry Commoner wrote that ‘ecology will be the alphabet of the future.  We are part of an ecosystem…our earthly journey is a journey made together with the environment, with nature, with the cosmos…[This is] where the great web of our lives exists.”   Malaguzzi, inspired also by Gregory Bateson was convinced that … Continue reading Children, Empathy, Ideas and Ecology

Journeys into Learning: Rhizomes and Reggio Emilia

Rhizomes and Reggio Emilia Many of you who read my blog will have noticed how I refer to the rhizome as a pattern in which I see learning happening in both children and adults.  (Deleuze and Guttarri).  It is akin to how the internet works - a way of jumping and landing on different pads … Continue reading Journeys into Learning: Rhizomes and Reggio Emilia